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why ?

The waters we navigate have changed. Adapt by transforming the way you work.

Transform the way you work


Our boat

Out of six rowers, one is giving everything he’s got, another rower does the same but in the opposite direction, and four are occasionally active.

The river

In the past, we navigated huge streams with a stable current pushing us forward. The guy rowing backward wasn’t strong enough to counter the boat’s progress.

Changing waters

Our river is changing. The wide and stable stream is becoming a narrow, tricky thing with dangerous currents. One rower effectively working the oars isn’t sufficient.

Technical solutions

The boat’s owner tries to increase performance by upgrading the oars, providing the rowers with gloves, or applying special coating. But, it doesn’t matter if enough people aren’t rowing forward.

Work with your people

Focus on your people. Imagine a boat where all rowers work in the same direction. Their oars move in and out of the water in a cadenced way, maximizing speed. Let's change the way we work.
how ?

Everything we do at Collaborative Leadership is aligned with our three core values: Transparency, Trust, and Accountability.

Three challenges to bridge

Transform a vicious circle into a virtuous one




The information we share is strongly censored. A lack of transparency makes trust impossible.
Get information explicit and make unfiltered information readily available for everyone.


Managers do not trust their team members; they need to check and approve everything done in the team.
Clearly agree on roles and responsibilities, delegate.


Team members do not take actions into their own hands. Why would they if the managers crosscheck everything?
As a team, take responsibility for how you work and what you deliver.
What ?

Nine sets of coherent practices bundling the power of lean, change management, sociocracy, agile, and many other methodologies.

Build your own transformation!

Whichever module you choose, you will go forward

Develop a common understanding of your team’s mission and how to reach it.
Make explicit who can decide what, generate transparency through visual management, and start working on team accountability.
You can only know you improve if you measure. Measure the right things to guide your efforts.
Create a clear meeting structure and use an appropriate format per type of topic. Define how to make group decisions.
What got you here won’t get you there. Which competencies, skills, and behaviors do you need in the new way of working?
Every team is accountable for its way of working. Get the necessary tools to improve continuously.
Make sure you deliver the value your customers expect.
A set of values guides a team through tricky bends. Develop and use a shared understanding of team values and associated behaviors.
More !

We also provide trainings, give talks, and offer consultancy.


Agile awareness, scrum, Kanban, intro to design thinking, SAFE.


Various topics related to organisational transformation.


Agile transformations, team setup, way of working.

We ?

Our Team Boosters are ready to get you started in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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